Re: [WSG] The mailto link

2012-01-04 Thread Ted Drake
world. While not completely supported, you can use the tel: link as well. -- Ted Drake Yahoo! Inclusive Design Twitter: @yahooaccess Facebook: On 1/4/12 6:18 AM, Lesley Binks wrote: On 3 January

Re: [WSG] Accessible Slideshow

2011-12-06 Thread Ted Drake
=”polite” to let the user know the slideshow has changed. 6. Are there alternate buttons if it is on a mobile device and uses a custom swipe gesture? These are just some of the features I would look for in an accessible slideshow. -- Ted Drake Yahoo! Inclusive Design http

Re: [WSG] Accessible Slideshow

2011-12-06 Thread Ted Drake wrote: On 12/6/11 12:44 PM, Ted Drake wrote: Re: [WSG] Accessible Slideshow trimmed These are just some of the features I would look for in an accessible slideshow. -- Ted Drake Does such a slideshow exist; and, if so, can you please point to one that uses those features

Re: [WSG] Divs for tabular data

2011-12-05 Thread Ted Drake
I remember seeing this for the first time. I was asked by a backend engineer to help them fix a layout issue in a data table. When I looked at the source code, the page was a jumble of absolutely positioned cells to look like a data table. I shook my head and said he was on his own. I wasn't about

Re: [WSG] Story Boards

2011-10-25 Thread Ted Drake
Hi Marvin I'm not sure what you are trying to build with svg, but maybe you should take a look at Yahoo's YUI Charts. You can use a data table as the source for the charts. This gives users like you access to accessible data while also allowing the YUI library to build an interactive chart for

Re: [WSG] Table borders

2011-09-30 Thread Ted Drake
/docs/datatable/ Although it's not as pretty as the excel exported markup :-0 -- Ted Drake Yahoo! Accessibility Lab Twitter: @yahooaccess Facebook: On 9/30/11 2:32 AM, Russ Weakley wrote: Hey

Re: [WSG] How do you cater to users with disabilities?

2011-08-24 Thread Ted Drake
of our programming. Most Yahoo sites use ARIA roles and the YUI JavaScript library, which is used on all of our sites, includes many components that integrate focus control and ARIA attributes. You can learn more at Ted Drake On 8/18/11 6:12 AM, Mike Kear w

Re: [WSG] possible to make DT and DD behave like TH and TD column visually?

2011-04-04 Thread Ted Drake
Don't get me wrong, I love the DL. I've been accused of abusing it way too many times :) However, I think you should simply use a data table for this. The table will solve many of your layout questions. It also provides more structural feedback for screen reader users. For CSS table

Re: [WSG] HTML5 v. HTML 4.x

2011-01-26 Thread Ted Drake
Hi Steve Can you give some links to research that back up this statement? As far as I know, the screen readers will accept the new tags when you are using something other than Internet Explorer. However, the question is what they do with them. You cannot navigate via articles like you’d use

Re: [WSG] Accessible modal windows / lightboxes

2011-01-20 Thread Ted Drake
:// * * Ted Drake Yahoo! Accessibility Lab On 1/20/11 4:13 AM, James Grant wrote: Hi WSG'ers, Does

RE: [WSG] alt text on email graphic

2010-11-29 Thread Ted Drake
If a spider could read the alt attribute, don't you think they could read the href attribute? or; It doesn't matter where you put the valid email address, the spiders will find it. However, messing with images will just make it more difficult on the

RE: [WSG] best formatting for alt text

2010-11-15 Thread Ted Drake
There was a description of using creative styles a few years ago. I think it was part of building bullet proof web sites. The theory is that if you had an image with text (fancy header), it would be nice to still have some styles associated with the text that is displayed if the image is broken


2010-11-10 Thread Ted Drake
Thierry's right. It's time to start making those baby steps into HTML5. But you'll also need to add your charset and lang definition !doctype html html lang=en head meta charset=UTF-8 ... ted -Original Message- From:


2010-11-10 Thread Ted Drake
Benjamin always has a way of cutting through the fog and giving succent advice. Ted -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2010 3:26 PM To:

RE: [WSG] HTM5 Semantic markup overly done?

2010-10-01 Thread Ted Drake
I'm on the fence right now about headers. I've seen use of h2's without a header wrapper in a section. This gives screen readers structure, but it breaks the HTML5 outline methodology. Shouldn't you change it to an h1 when it goes in a header. It's a struggle between building good html5 code

RE: [WSG] Semantics, lists and links

2010-08-26 Thread Ted Drake
A screen reader will not say bullet. It will, however grab that list and add it to a secondary navigation tool for the page. Screen reader users are able to see all of the lists on a page, as well as all headers. They can then skip directly to the items they are interested in. So use your lists

RE: [WSG] Getting my feet wet in HTML5

2010-08-13 Thread Ted Drake
Tom, just go for it. You can add the modernizr or similar js to get IE to recognize the elements. But you won't appreciate the semantics of HTML5 until you ditch divs for the new tags. I speak from experience. There's a certain level of awareness you get while trying to decide the most

RE: [WSG] Getting my feet wet in HTML5

2010-08-13 Thread Ted Drake
Take a look at the js, it's pretty simple. However, it is true that you are leaving yourself open. At Yahoo, we treat IE6 as an a-level browser. So you aren't going to see me push to change Yahoo! Finance to HTML5 tags. However, I have been doing it

RE: [WSG] Getting my feet wet in HTML5

2010-08-13 Thread Ted Drake
in HTML5 On 13 Aug 2010, at 18:51, Ted Drake wrote: You need to build a site to learn HTML5 semantics, it's like the old days of hybrid table-based layouts. 7 years ago you really needed to ditch tables to truly understand CSS. Are you suggesting that to switch to HTML5 we should avoid

RE: [WSG] CSS Expandable Menu

2010-06-28 Thread Ted Drake
The YUI3 menu widget has great accessibility support Accessibility Usability Minded The MenuNav Node Plugin was built with both accessibility and usability in mind. The MenuNav Node Plugin implements established mouse and keyboard interaction

Kill this thread: RE: [WSG] IE6 Finally Nearing Extinction [STATS]

2010-06-23 Thread Ted Drake
I think it's time for this thread to die. Ted From: [] On Behalf Of zapcat Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 9:37 AM To: Subject: Re: [WSG] IE6 Finally Nearing Extinction [STATS] On Jun 23, 2010, at

RE: [WSG] CSS off button

2010-01-22 Thread Ted Drake
I think your requirements may be a bit confused. I would suggest you look at two articles 1. backwards compatible style switcher 2. zoom layout by Sir Joe Clark Joe tells you why it's a good idea to create

RE: [WSG] CSS off button

2010-01-22 Thread Ted Drake
That's because you have so many different css files link rel=stylesheet href=/styles/import/508.css type=text/css / link rel=stylesheet href=/styles/import/core.css type=text/css / link rel=stylesheet href=/styles/import/body_content.css type=text/css / link

RE: [WSG] AAA Accessibility and validation

2010-01-13 Thread Ted Drake
Nick Zoom:1 is not bad enough to warrant a conditional comment and separate style sheet. It's a valid rule that basically says show the screen at 100%. A user style sheet can still over-ride this rule. It's an easy way to add hasLayout without causing other issues. This is what Microsoft

RE: [WSG] my latest version of my page

2009-09-21 Thread Ted Drake
Use semantic markup. The nav should be a list, not a stack of paragraphs. Ted -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Dave Westell Sent: Saturday, September 19, 2009 8:37 AM To: Subject: Re: [WSG] my

RE: [WSG] Accessible websites (was: accessible free web hosting account)

2009-07-01 Thread Ted Drake
of the customization functionality works. The personalization features were built by Dirk Ginader who also made this presentation on why and how you should build sites for everyone. Ted DRAKE -Original Message- From: li

RE: [WSG] free screen reader friendly web hosting

2009-06-17 Thread Ted Drake
This is a very confusing email. The host has nothing to do with how screen-reader friendly your web site is. Are you looking for a host which has a screen-reader friendly admin interface? This would be geared to the developer not the end user. The language you use is also not tied to screen

RE: [WSG] SEO vs. Accessibility

2009-05-27 Thread Ted Drake
Try Thierry Koblentz's technique that fixes a lot of these issues. Ted -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Hargreaves, Michael Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 6:07 AM To:

RE: [WSG] Mysterious background dis-appearing

2009-05-04 Thread Ted Drake
the background image may have been afraid that Colonel Anna was gonna break him in two. :) Are you seeing this in any particular browser? it looked ok in my firefox. *** List Guidelines:

RE: [WSG] Re: Browser Backwards Compatibility -- How far back?

2009-03-23 Thread Ted Drake
The Yahoo! Graded Browser Support matrix is a good standard of what browsers are appropriately supported. You can point clients to this page for justifications. It is appropriate for general use web sites. If your users are disproportionally stuck

RE: [WSG] meta tag questions

2009-02-24 Thread Ted Drake
You can see dublin core as well as RDF and microformatted information has been indexed by yahoo when you use the BOSS api and/or build a SearchMonkey application. I don't know how much it influences Yahoo's rankings, but it is being used in building the index.

RE: [WSG] Downloading Fonts

2008-12-08 Thread Ted Drake
Safari and firefox3 support the @font-face attribute. I don't know the status of Opera and IE8. This allows you to put a font file on your server and reference it in the CSS. Ted _ From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of James Ducker Sent: Monday, December

FW: [WSG] High-Pass Filter and Yahoo's reset stylesheet (question regarding validation)

2008-11-21 Thread Ted Drake
Here's a reply from Nate K, the architect of grids, fonts, reset, . files in YUI _ From: Nate Koechley [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 7:27 PM To: Ted Drake Subject: Re: [WSG] High-Pass Filter and Yahoo's reset stylesheet (question regarding validation

RE: [WSG] Another Question about JavaScript.

2008-11-14 Thread Ted Drake
Regardless of the JS, this is a web standards group. This example has no labels on your form inputs. The previous example was using tables for layout. Don't concentrate on a single issue and forget semantic, standards-based markup from the very beginning. Ted

RE: [WSG] Mark-up for physical/postal addresses

2008-10-28 Thread Ted Drake
Personally, IF the address had a name associated with it, I would use a definition list. However, there are some purists out there that can't see beyond using a dl for anything other than defining a word. But John Doe is a term and his address, phone number, etc are describing him: John

RE: [WSG] div over flash

2008-10-23 Thread Ted Drake
The YUI container library offers the iframe shim, built in for ie6. Watch the wmode:transparent if your flash movie contains actual content. Wmode:transparent makes it justifiably invisible to screen readers. It's basically telling the browser and screen reader the flash movie is for decoration

RE: [WSG] Question about accessibility

2008-08-27 Thread Ted Drake
It's not too difficult to use CSS to turn a list of links into an image map. Just give the ul the image as a background and position relative. You can then define the size and absolute position of each list item and position the text off screen. This still isn't as accessible as a simple list,

RE: [WSG] Skype changing format of my pages

2008-08-26 Thread Ted Drake
functionality. It’s annoying sometimes, but easy to ignore. Ted Drake From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of designer Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 8:29 AM To: Subject: [WSG] Skype changing

RE: [WSG] iphone should not be part of your url

2008-07-21 Thread Ted Drake
Slightly off topic... There is a really good Wordpress template/plugin that detects the very specific user-agent for iphone and touch and changes your theme to an iphone specific layout. Sure, it's arguable if you should design for a particular appliance. However, they've done the work for you

RE: [WSG] Mobile graded browser support

2008-07-21 Thread Ted Drake
FYI: David Storey is one of the lead engineers of Opera Browser. It's a rare honor to have a browser architect reflect on the industry in mailing lists. Do you see similar responses from Firefox, Safari, or IE architects? So, keep his suggestions in mind, he knows what he's talking about.

RE: [WSG] web optimization

2008-07-07 Thread Ted Drake
The best information is on the Yahoo Developer Network. Ted _ From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, July 07, 2008 1:40 PM To: Subject: [WSG] web optimization

RE: [WSG] Breadcrumbs showing organisational structure and usability

2008-06-06 Thread Ted Drake
Damn, this is refreshing to hear for a change! Enough said. Ted -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Mark Harris Sent: Friday, June 06, 2008 9:13 AM To: Subject: Re: [WSG] Breadcrumbs showing organisational structure

RE: [WSG] Stumped need suggestions - how to highlight two links at once

2008-06-04 Thread Ted Drake
First off, I'd question the usefulness of this. The disjointed relationship between the links would merely confuse the user. It would be really ugly to do this but here you go li class=disjointedmessa href=/ id=bloodp Blood PressurespanBlood Pressure/span/a/li In your style sheet,

RE: [WSG] Alt versus Title Attribute

2008-05-28 Thread Ted Drake
Sorry but on hover, IE6 will show this is a dog and other browsers will show oh no it isn't If your tooltips are really that critical, use the YUI tooltip javascript to get cross-browser compatibility to display the title attribute. You can also style them.

RE: [WSG] Fwd: using fieldsets and legends (outside a form) for adding structural markup

2008-05-23 Thread Ted Drake
Thierry Koblentz wrote:   Does that mean we should drop the ABBR element because IE can't handle it properly? Julien wrote: You have the answer: ;) Touché!

RE: [WSG] Fwd: using fieldsets and legends (outside a form) for adding structural markup

2008-05-21 Thread Ted Drake
posts. I logged a bug and they’ll fix it in a future release. But it just goes to show this is a commonly misused pattern. Go for the header and div. it’s semantic and the header gives screen readers (and Opera) something to navigate with. Ted Drake _ From

Re: [WSG] Older Browsers

2008-05-08 Thread Ted Drake
libraries, government organizations, military, and other large organizations have locked down computers that don't allow installation of fire fox. They also have purpose built web applications that only run in IE6 that are critical for their day to day jobs. That is a major reason for the

RE: [WSG] :: CSS Code Formatting ::

2008-05-06 Thread Ted Drake
From Yslow Reduce the number of css files used Link to them in the top of the page, no inline styles Gzip and reduce the whitespace when going to production. These are fairly simple steps for the average web developer. Visit yslow for more

RE: [WSG] An efficient CSS architecture

2008-04-24 Thread Ted Drake
The Yahoo YUI CSS framework is a big help. The Reset, base, and fonts give you a good foundation. The grids make it super easy to build layouts. Combine all four into a single css file:

RE: [WSG] animated scroll

2008-04-24 Thread Ted Drake
Ah, where's your sense of adventure? Certainly hundreds of javascripts for 1 pound means quality. It reminds me of a night with two super-gigantic pizzas for $2.99. They may not have been good, but I didn't forget about eating them for months. Ted -Original Message- From: [EMAIL

RE: [WSG] Dreamweaver CS3

2008-04-04 Thread Ted Drake
I use Dreamweaver in code view. However, it makes it easy to convert a semantic marked-up word document into valid code, is easy to organize code, and I am used to the key commands. That probably describes dozens of editors for different people. If it comes with a package, you're in good shape.

RE: [WSG] Rogue text appears in IE6.

2008-04-03 Thread Ted Drake
That is one of my favorite ie6 quirks, the mysterious duplicated text bug. I hope that's what you have and not just a bad comment. It's one of those things that have you scratching your head and marveling over the oddity of it. The answer is at position is everything _ From:

RE: [WSG] long description and its implementation

2008-02-04 Thread Ted Drake
It's been a while since I've dealt with the issue of screen reader accessibility and UFO insertion. I thought I remembered ours being screen reader accessible until using window mode: transparent. Here's a blog post about our solution.

RE: [WSG] Markup question

2007-11-29 Thread Ted Drake
/contracting dl-based FAQ page ( ) Ted Drake Paris, France -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Mike at Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 11:04 PM To: Subject: Re

RE: [WSG] Re: worst site I've seen lately

2007-10-28 Thread Ted Drake
Welcome to the world of post-iPhone web design. I've already seen a Yahoo maps hack that adds the same sliding behavior. Ted -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Tom Roper Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2007 6:23 PM To:

RE: [WSG] How to make DHML cover flash

2007-10-23 Thread Ted Drake
You can get dhtml to cover flash by setting the flash to use wmode:transparent. However, this makes the content in the flash invisible to screen readers. IE6 is hell with z-index. Especially when combined with form elements. IE7 is much better and you should be able to create a page that works in

RE: [WSG] Popup 'box' on hover

2007-08-23 Thread Ted Drake
I think it was Jeremy Keith that railed against having CSS do what JavaScript should do and vice versa. This is going beyond what CSS is good for. You'll have inconsistent behaviors, require the user to download invisible images, and more. I'd suggest looking at the container library with the


2007-07-27 Thread Ted Drake
to use the structural elements correctly. Ted Drake -- From: Olajide Olaolorun Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2007 1:18 PM To: WSG Subject: [WSG] HELP with CSS Can someone help me out here: There is a problem with where

RE: [WSG] Accessible Drop Down Menu Example

2007-06-06 Thread Ted Drake
On Behalf Of Ryan Moore was just looking for an example of a good accessible drop down menu for part of a web application i'm developing. From Thierry --- plug src=; / HTH --- Regards, Thierry |

RE: [WSG] Firefox Wmode

2007-05-29 Thread Ted Drake
javascript and look for anything that is creating a container with z-index that could be causing an overlap. I hope that helps Ted Drake *** List Guidelines: http

[WSG] sliding door based button breakign on :active state

2007-03-30 Thread Ted Drake
Ted Drake Yahoo! Answers Coming soon... European Finance - Paris Member of the Yahoo! Accessibility Stakeholders Group   Enable Your Audience Are you serving the 55 millon kids and adults with disabilities in the United States? How about the 550 million around the world

RE: [WSG] style sheets - best practices

2007-03-15 Thread Ted Drake
Hi all I used to think that modularizing css was a grand idea. It certainly makes it easier to maintain your code. At Yahoo!, we have a huge responsibility to reduce our server demands and make pages load as fast as possible. We have found that it is actually better to have one enormous css file

rel post, was: RE: [WSG] style sheets - best practices

2007-03-15 Thread Ted Drake
Barney, Do you have any idea where that article was or who wrote it? I'd like to read this. Thanks Ted A while back I read this article on the secret power of the rel property in links... The author went about listing examples of different objects you could link and different terms for what

[WSG] broken sprite - very odd ie6 thing

2006-03-14 Thread Ted Drake
_ _ |_ _| _||_ _||_ Instead of +link Has anyone seen this before? I don't know why it is showing such odd behavior with the background image. There's another link in the list with a similarly broken arrow and another with a perfectly fine printer sprite. Ted Drake Front-end Engineer Yahoo! Tech

[WSG] absolute positioning, z-index, and IE6 - summary

2006-03-14 Thread Ted Drake
and subsequent select elements. He uses an iframe with z-index-1 that sits under the targeted element. I've used this negative z-index on some of the subsequent elements and it is helping. Fixing all of the pages will be a long journey, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel. Ted Drake

RE: [WSG] broken sprite - very odd ie6 thing

2006-03-14 Thread Ted Drake Subject: Re: [WSG] broken sprite - very odd ie6 thing Ted Drake wrote: Has anyone seen this before? I don't know why it is showing such odd behavior with the background image. There's another link in the list with a similarly broken arrow and another with a perfectly fine

[WSG] z-index conflict in IE6 with positioned elements

2006-03-13 Thread Ted Drake
/archives/2006/01/Explorer_z_index_bug.html Aleksandar has a suggested fix that works for simple pages. Ive got too many positioned elements on my pages and its a virtual pile-up of ungodly proportions. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? Thanks Ted Drake Front-end Engineer

[WSG] form button css

2006-02-27 Thread Ted Drake
-weight:bold; } #foo input { margin:0 5px;} #foo button {border:none; height:23px; background:none; padding:0 0 0 0; margin:6px 0 -6px 0;} Thanks Ted Drake -- New Advanced CSS Resource Site: Contributions welcome, especially safari fine-tuning (I don't have a mac

RE: [WSG] form button css

2006-02-27 Thread Ted Drake
buttons have an inherent value that makes it display margins differently than inputs or labels. I got it to look spiffy when I floated everything, but that is too drastic for a simple form. Ted Drake --new Advanced CSS resources site From: [EMAIL PROTECTED

Solution! RE: [WSG] form button css

2006-02-27 Thread Ted Drake
Creative 404-468-6347 - Original Message - From: Ted Drake [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 19:48 Subject: [WSG] form button css Hi All I'm having some trouble using an image as a button

RE: Solution! RE: [WSG] form button css

2006-02-27 Thread Ted Drake
. Do you mean for folks who find things that don't seem to work to leave a comment in the comments areas? I am a bit confused. Like they site by the way, bookmarked it! - Original Message - From: Ted Drake To: Sent: Monday

[WSG] making table cells share equally

2006-02-21 Thread Ted Drake
Hi all you former table hackers out there. Ive got a simple question. If I have two or three columns in a table and I want the cells to share the space equally, what would you suggest? I dont have a width on these cells right now and if one cell has lots of content, its pushing the other

[WSG] flash z-index conflict

2006-02-18 Thread Ted Drake
a super-fantastic z-index of 2000 to the dropdown and a humbling z-index of 10 to the flash container. thanks Ted Drake Front-end Engineer Yahoo! Tech

RE: [WSG] flash z-index conflict

2006-02-18 Thread Ted Drake
You Rawk! I haven't seen a diva put in here place like that since Julia Childs told Emeril his chicken was scrawny. For the record, here's my ufo script script type=text/javascript var FO = { movie:/images/home-flash-standin.png, width:710, height:250, majorversion:6, wmode:transparent,

RE: [WSG] site check

2006-02-16 Thread Ted Drake
I don't see what this person is complaining about. Are you sure he looked at the right site? I do see a table in your code that could easily be replaced and should be. But in general, the home page didn't look bad. I got a similar message from a client that had a friend look at the design. The

RE: [WSG] site check

2006-02-16 Thread Ted Drake
I'd love to see the site of the third party consultant... come on... sneak it into a message to us... Ted -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of kvnmcwebn Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2006 2:35 PM To: Subject: [WSG]

RE: [WSG] just sharing the frustration

2006-02-15 Thread Ted Drake
Give you writers a very quick lesson in standards. They apply to writing in Word just as much as the web. Don't assume they know about headers, unordered lists, ordered lists, etc. The more they use these basic structural elements in their word documents, the quicker your work will be. It makes

RE: [WSG] Font size menu

2006-02-15 Thread Ted Drake
Why an ordered list? Regardless of semantic purposes, you may come across some cross-browser compatibility issues if you are doing any kind of image replacement or background images. I would go with an unordered list as you dont need to go to the smallest size before getting to the medium

RE: [WSG] Font size menu

2006-02-15 Thread Ted Drake
choice. Daz On 15/02/06, Ted Drake [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Why an ordered list? Regardless of semantic purposes, you may come across some cross-browser compatibility issues if you are doing any kind of image replacement or background images. I would go with an unordered list as you don't need

RE: [WSG] just sharing the frustration

2006-02-15 Thread Ted Drake
There goes Patrick showing off his regular expression prowess again. Ted -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Patrick H. Lauke Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2006 5:01 PM To: Subject: Re: [WSG] just sharing the

[WSG] new yahoo user interface library

2006-02-14 Thread Ted Drake
the yahoo user interface blog and learn how to use these advanced programming techniques. Ted Drake Front-end Engineer Yahoo! Tech

RE: [WSG] just sharing the frustration

2006-02-14 Thread Ted Drake
Here's a helpful hint on doing this crap. Use htmlTidy, while I haven't used this, I've heard it's really good. Normally, what I do is create a new basic html page in dreamweaver. I go to the design view and paste the content into the screen. I then switch to code view and run a few search and

[WSG] print style question

2006-02-13 Thread Ted Drake
-before style to the second table. I've also tried clear:both and float:none to avoid any descending behaviors. Does anyone have a suggestion for finding the printing conflict? Thanks Ted Drake Front-end Engineer Yahoo! Tech ** The discussion

RE: [WSG] Target sued over non-accessible site

2006-02-09 Thread Ted Drake
This has the potential for making some positive improvements in the commercial web sphere. Target is not blind to good design. Their new prescription bottles have been hailed as one of the best designs of the last decade (I think they were designed by a graduate student before Target purchased

RE: [WSG] [Please don't flame :)] HTML, XML what's the difference.

2006-02-08 Thread Ted Drake
Hi Marilyn This is far from a perfect world. Before we can have perfectly lovely xml documents, we need to make sure all of the resources delivering content are also delivering perfectly lovely xml. Or... a broken page. Not everyone has the resources to put this together. So, it's good to have a

RE: [WSG] Websites in Different Languages

2006-02-03 Thread Ted Drake
You may find some practical advice here: the Canadian Heritage Information Network. Canadian sites that are sponsored by the government are required to be bilingual. This network offers support to Canadian museums and other non-profit organizations. I

[WSG] IE7 hacks

2006-02-03 Thread Ted Drake
Hi everyone I posted a hack to IE7 today. I know I'm not the first one to find this, but thought I'd throw it out there for all to love on. It's pretty simple. But please, think beyond hacks. Ted Drake

RE: [WSG] Article: DL + DOM = cool FAQ page

2006-02-01 Thread Ted Drake
Nice work Thierry. I'm going to add this one to the library. I know there are plenty of hide/show examples out there. This one has a nice combination of clean code and attention to accessibility. Ted -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of

[WSG] use alpha transparent png mask - was: Display problem in IE for the PC

2006-01-30 Thread Ted Drake
I like the design as well, but I think you're missing a bit of css potential. Instead of putting the fade onto your images, use a background image with alpha transparent png that sits on top of the image. The image would be solid on the outside, transparent square in the middle and have the fade

RE: [WSG] Web Site Template Review

2006-01-30 Thread Ted Drake
A form inside a fieldset? [EMAIL PROTECTED]@[EMAIL PROTECTED] Come on everyone, where's the outrage? I remember trying to use a fieldset outside a form and had to don the asbestos fire suit. Seriously, I don't see any benefit to putting the fieldset outside a form. I would assume it's just


2006-01-28 Thread Ted Drake
Why are you using #blockquote? You can target paragraphs et al within a blockquote with descending selectors: blockquote p, blockquote a, blockquote cite, etc. I'm getting a bit tired of my over the top blockquotes: But I have messed with some of

RE: [WSG] Cite in blockquote

2006-01-26 Thread Ted Drake
I believe Jeremy Keith or PPK has a javascript that pulls the cite attribute out of the blockquote and places it as a link after the blockquote. It looks like a research paper citation/footnote. ted -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Patrick

RE: [WSG] Cite in blockquote

2006-01-26 Thread Ted Drake
I think the actual answer should be. The cite attribute is not displayed by any browser. However it is available if you right click on the blockquote and look at the properties. It is also available for some future semantic web research. I use it often since it only takes a few moments to add it

[WSG] IE7 updates the select box

2006-01-18 Thread Ted Drake
presentation? IE7 beta 2 will be released in the not too distant future for developers. We need to begin looking for example pages to test on for finding problems and solutions. Ted Drake Front-end Engineer Yahoo! Tech ** The discussion list

RE: [WSG] Print stylesheet switcher

2006-01-18 Thread Ted Drake
Hi Joshua I discussed something like this with Dunstin Diaz,, of the AJAX style sheet switcher fame. He suggested the print style sheets could be handled similarly. For usability sake, I would suggest taking the visitor to a screen that showed them what

RE: [WSG] p tag

2006-01-11 Thread Ted Drake
It would help to have a page to look at. Heres my first guess. Are you floating the image and text? If so, perhaps justify is extending the width of the text to make it too long to fit in the same space as the image and it drops down below the image? Does this make sense? CSS will

RE: [WSG] Yet Another Float Problem

2005-12-26 Thread Ted Drake
Try floating the wrapper to see if that helps. I don't see a difference between firefox and IE, although it could be my version of IE. What is the background image? The guy in the suit? Didn't Opera remove advertising? Ted Drake -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED

RE: [WSG] Yet Another Float Problem

2005-12-26 Thread Ted Drake
I forgot about haslayout when I suggested float. My how your mind begins to skip things when they aren't staring you in the face. Avoid using height:0 as the hack. It could come back to haunt you in the future. Use zoom:1; instead. This will provide layout without creating a potential size

RE: [WSG] Could really use some help with image overflow

2005-12-21 Thread Ted Drake
I started to look at your CSS but got lost in all of the empty rules. I realize you are using a template css file, it would help to clean it up before seeking advice. Not a rant, just a suggestion. I first thought that you might want to add a percentage based width to the image, but

[WSG] the kind of assignment that makes you want to scream

2005-12-17 Thread Ted Drake
Can you imagine being the one stuck with creating this navigation scheme? holy moley, mother of all tabs. It makes me itch just looking at it. Ted Drake Front-end Engineer Yahoo! Tech

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