1)  I obviously cannot send you a sample.txt file for an INTERMITTENT

2) We both agree that, for example, if I write a message in Comic Sans
MS, and want my messages to go out IN THAT FONT (because that's the
way I like people to see my messages), there's no way to do that
a) making sure there's some bold, or something that "convinces" SM
that HTML is required
b) having to do "Options->Format-Rich HTML Only", for EVERY MESSAGE

I would argue that reason #2 is enough to provide an option to disable
auto-conversion.  Suppose I just want every message to go in HTML
because I want people to see the message on the other end just the way
I wrote it?  Not converted to boring, monospaced text.

Further, I would suggest that if you write a lot of multi-paragraph
Email with no special formatting, that if you look through your sent
folder, you will find at least a few emails with paragraph-breaks
missing.  I did this exercise this morning and found 8 out of about 40
in the last week.  I could send you one, but
         a) you're not getting the source message, so you don't have a
test case
         b) Because the problem is intermittent, it may not fail for

Still, I think the "bad conversion" is a secondar issue. Consider
If Seamonkey provides a per-message option "Options->Format-Rich
HTML", why is it so wrong for me to ask for an option that makes this
the -default- selection?  Motives are secondary.

Please don't "close" this issue, please treat it.


> Sorry .... i did not have any problem - all is perfect ....
> If you cannot sent me a sample.txt file for testing, i will close this
> issue.

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