Yes - putting stuff in every message that forces the converter to say
"send in HTML" is a common workaround that a lot of people do (see the
original thread I referenced at the top of this one).  Having a fancy
HTML signature also works as a workaround.

In fact, it looks like the workarounds are going to be the solution
because no one wants to make things right.  Has anyone looked through
their own sent folder to see if all their converted multi-paragraph
non-HTML messages converted properly?  THAT's your test case.  I have
not been able to figure out why it does paragraph breaks correctly
sometimes and not others, that doesn't meant there isn't a
deterministic problem, I just can't identify it.

However, that's not the point.  The point is that I want my Email to
be read in HTML when I send it in HTML.  If I use a proportional font
I want the reader to see a proportional font, etc.

If you post and say "Since -one- (only one) of the reasons you want to
do this is to fix a bug you can reproduce, we're going to ignore all
the other reasons" then your religion is showing.  Sad thing that 8-}


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