Russell wrote:
And there are many users like myself who simply do NOT like the look and feel of
Firefox. Perhaps it's the interests of the Firefox developers that's behind this

Only if you don't believe that the SeaMonkey team can have its own agenda and think for itself. You might not share that belief, though.

Not permitting Seamonkey to work without hijacking the system email will
certainly reduce its user base (I would leave as will many others I know) and
drive Seamonkey even more quickly into oblivion. That would be a shame.

So you seem to convince it will be driven into oblivion some time anyhow. I for one do not want to support that mindset.

That said, feel free to do the work and provide patches for making the option you want available in the new toolkit-based environment we have uplifted SeaMonkey to because we wanted to ensure survival of the suite concept more than preserving every single option it might have had in some distant past.

Robert Kaiser
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