Dne 17.10.2009 3:46, Russell napsal(a):
As an open source initiative I would wonder why anyone would want to remove
choices and force an 'all or nothing' approach? That's more typical of companies
like A$$ple, Micro$$oft and Ado$$e who use that to lock users into using only
their product and make themselves wealthier as a result. It would be sad if the
final release of SM 2.0 did not offer the same tradition of choice as in the

Exactly my words, thak you Russell for saying that, now I see I'm not the only one with that opinion.

I understand that SM is "suite". I already reconciled with grinding my teeth that there would be no way _not_ to install the internal e-mail client (and don't say something about disk space, because it is not about disk space, it is like the inability to remove radio from my car and when I want to use another, I just install it and cover the first one with towel), but the inability _not to use_ the internal mail client drives me crazy and makes me more like leaving SM at all. Still no success with "network.protocol-handler.expose.mailto", even when I set another mail client as default, mailto links in SM (2 RC2) still launches mail wizard from SM. Sad.

Anyway, many thanks to all developers of SM for the big work that has been done on SM 2.0.
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