Le 17 octobre 2009, Robert Kaiser a écrit :
> That said, feel free to do the work and provide patches for making the option
> you want available in the new toolkit-based environment we have uplifted
> SeaMonkey to because we wanted to ensure survival of the suite concept more
> than preserving every single option it might have had in some distant past.

Although I understand you may have been shocked by Russell saying 
Seamonkey is going into oblivion, your last phrase sounds disdainful : 
Seamonkey does offer in its last stable version the option to install only 
parts of it.

Also, have you changed your mind since you stated the following?

Le 14 octobre 2009, Robert Kaiser a écrit :
> We should make it easy to use other news readers from all I know, as for 
> the mail things, I need to defer to people knowing more about that than 
> I do.


This said, I think installing the whole SM2 will be fine for everyone if 
mailto: links still can be directed to an external application. Disk space 
is not much of a concern on recent platforms.

Best regards.
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