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re ...working on version 9 — will essential changes be implemented?  (was: The 
Bat! v8.8.9 MSI (3rd attempt))


Yes, that allows you to tie a specific set of macros to a specific email 
address.  Better
would be to be able to specify a set of identities with different email 
addresses, etc.  
Then when I prepare a new email/reply, I should be able to simply choose the 
identity I
want from a drop down list.

  See my feature request on this at 1291: To allow all mail addresses 
associated with the server mail account to be configured in TheBat! mail 
> All but one eMail service providers I know allow each mail account
> to be associated with more than one email address, some limited to
> two, others to 10, still others without a limit.
> It would be very helpful if I could configure all those mail
> addresses with the corresponding account configuration in The Bat!.
> Such configuration could be used by TheBat!
> - to automatically select the proper account for sending mail
> depending on the "FROM" address in the mail;
> - to prevent accidentally sending out mail via accounts to which
> the FROM address of the mail is not related; in this case, TheBat!
> should open a dialogue "Do you really want to send this mail via that 
> account" or so.
> It also helps the user to remember which email addresses are associated with 
> which account.

  Does that concur with your wish? 

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