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re ...working on version 9 — will essential changes be implemented?  (was: The 
Bat! v8.8.9 MSI (3rd attempt))


stop showing emails without attachments as having a dozen or more attachments. 
I can live with messed up display, but having to dig through a list of 
attachment or tabs of different types of text only to discover I'd already read 
it all is absurd. 

  TheBat!'s error is to treat each and every body part as an "attachment". 
  Attachment are only those with "content-disposition: attachment", not content 
parts to be shown inline, which is marked with the parameter 
"content-disposition: inline". 
  TheBAt! should have two separate lists, selectable by a TAB, one of the real 
attachments, the other the nested list of all body parts. 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt am Main

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