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re ...working on version 9 — will essential changes be implemented?  (was: The 
Bat! v8.8.9 MSI (3rd attempt))

>  I'm not trying to understand the structure of emails, I just want to read 
> them.

 That's OK, but I also understand from your statement that you do not 
understand the MIME structure of today's emails in the first place. 
  No problem, but you should not keep others from getting an easy look at 
exactly that structure, by which token those people in the know would be able 
to help you resolving problems which might occur in your email. 

> Saturday, July 20, 2019, 12:41:09 AM, you wrote:
>> TheBAt! should have two separate lists, selectable by a TAB, one of
>> the real attachments, the other the nested list of all body parts.

> I see no reason to have a list of nested body parts, I just want
> the email displayed complete. Though I would be perfectly happy with
> a somewhat hidden way to get that list if I ever see a reason why I
> might care. It's an email program, just show me the email the way
> the sender saw it, certainly not as a list of attachments and
> pieces. 

  This list of attachments (and body parts) is aside, and you can ignore it. I 
think that TheBat! even allows to not show it at all. 

> If the sender did choose the "paperclip" to attach the file,
> it's not an attachment and should not appear as such.
  On the contrary, that is marked as an attachment and is transmitted as such, 
so that it is not shown inline in the email's text, but in a list of 
  The problem with TheBat! is that it does not make a difference between 
attachments on the one hand, and body parts to be shown inline on the other. 

  Therefore my plea for two tabs in the column showing all parts as 
"attachments", the one being shown as default for the actual attachments, the 
other for all bodyparts in their nested structure. 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt am Main

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