When will Twitter answer: 1) Why did Twitter acquire Tweetie? 2) What
is Twitter planning to do with Tweetie?

On Apr 12, 10:22 am, Ryan Sarver <rsar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> I wanted to email everyone and share my thoughts on the acquisition
> from Friday, the communication around it and where we are going from
> here. We're incredibly excited about Chirp, and I think an open
> dialogue going into it is important. I look forward to meeting many of
> you there and continuing the discussion.
> We love the Twitter ecosystem and work hard every day to help support
> you and make the platform you are building on as successful as it can
> be for everyone involved. We love the variety that developers have
> built around the Twitter experience and it's a big part of the success
> we've seen. However when we dug in a little bit we realized that it
> was causing massive confusion among user's who had an iPhone and were
> looking to use Twitter for the first time. They would head to the App
> Store, search for Twitter and would see results that included a lot of
> apps that had nothing to do with Twitter and a few that did, but a new
> user wouldn't find what they were looking for and give up. That is a
> lost user for all of us. This means that we were missing out an
> opportunity to grow the userbase which is beneficial for the health of
> the entire ecosystem. Focus on growing and serving the userbase is
> beneficial to everyone in the ecosystem and more opportunities become
> available with a larger audience. We believe strongly that the
> ecosystem is critical to our success and this move doesn't change
> that. We have analytics that show our most engaged users are ones that
> use SMS, twitter.com AND a 3rd-party application. It further proves
> that there are different audiences and needs that we can never meet on
> our own and we all need to work together to provide what is best for
> the users. Once I understood the long-term view I strongly believed it
> was not only the right thing to do for users, but the right thing to
> do for the ecosystem as a whole.
> To be clear, we are going to work hard to improve our product, add new
> functionality, make acquisitions when it's in the best interest of
> users and the whole ecosystem at large. Each one of those things has
> the potential to upset a company or developer that may have been
> building in that space and they then have to look for new ways to
> create value for users. My promise is that we will be consistent in
> always focusing on what's best for the user and the ecosystem as a
> whole and we will be sincere and honest in our communication with you.
> To the point that we can, we will try to give more certainty about the
> areas where we think we can maximize benefit to users. We will
> continue to focus on what is best for users and we will work together
> to make sure that we are creating more opportunities for the ecosystem
> on the whole. We will also admit our mistakes when they are made and
> the Blackberry client should never have been labeled "official". It
> has since been changed and you won't see that language used with
> Twitter clients in the future.
> This week will hopefully show that we are focused on building a
> platform that no longer just mirrors twitter.com functionality, but
> offers you raw utility that provides much greater opportunities to
> innovate and build durable, valuable businesses. I also want this week
> to be an opportunity for us to get together and discuss the future of
> the platform and how we can improve our communication, responsiveness
> and clarity. We have an open office hours at 10:15am on Thursday at
> the Hack Day and I invite all of you to come by for a discussion to
> talk about the future of the platform and help us craft a working
> relationship that is beneficial for both of us. I will provide a free
> ticket to anyone from this list that is unable to afford the current
> price so that they can be part of that discussion. Just email me
> directly. For those of you who can't make it to Chirp, it will be live
> streamed so you can tune in from home -- where ever home might be.
> As always, you can reach me by email or by phone, 617 763 9904. I am
> here to listen and provide clarity when possible and you should know
> we are committed to working with you on this.
> Best, Ryan

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