>Let me restate the proposition with more clarity. I envision a standard and 
>secure Apple utility or app where the user selects a device, port or socket, a 
>driver (with a prompt for the recommended driver), a codec or encoder, and a 
>second device, socket, port or file. For a device, socket or port, selection 
>would be made for 'transmit' or 'receive' or 'both' while for a file, even 
>though the codec could be binary, text, or various other options, either 
>'transmit' (read) or 'receive' (write), but not 'both' could be selected. The 
>app or utility, in turn, ought to be scriptable with AppleScript.
>What are the technical or security concerns or objections?

I'm still confused as to the purpose of this app and what it would do.

However: a 'device' is such a loose term that if we take it literally
then this is not feasible. You can't just read from or write to a device.

Taka for example a USB device. 

At the lowest level a USB device represents it self as one or more
end points that you can read from or write to but totally depending
on what kind of device it is those end points may not be accessible
to an app and/or and even if they are the device will expect the
communication to follow some higher level protocol which makes
it impossible and meaningless to just read or write.

For files and sockets what you are asking for is more feasible
and could probably (almost) be implemented with just standard
unix commands which are very scriptable.

But still I don't get what this would be used for and why Apple
need to produce this....

wbr Kusti


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