Yep, there are software tools on consumer platforms, however, they are not for the average or typical user... "Soundtrack Pro" for example, which has been replaced by Logic Pro. These content creating apps are not intended for the kind of testing and analysis you allude to in your earlier posts. Compressor and Color are modules for Final Cut Pro, again, targeting industry professionals, not typical users nor engineers developing products.

You still need pro-level skills to get pro results.

I have yet to see an Apple Distortion analyzer, nor do I consider any waveform editor in the same league as an oscilloscope.

Also, those hardware instruments are implemented using firmware driven microprocessors such as the 68000, I know this because I have serviced that gear. So all Apple (and Microsoft, and Avid ProTools and many, many others) did was put those algorithms on their platform(s). And Tektronix and HP, etc continue to build software driven instruments with even more integrated functions with superior specs in smaller packages.

I don't understand what the objections are you speak of. With over 40 years in the industry I have seen adoption as technologies have improved. At one time, folks criticized automobiles over horses, the "talkies" movies, color film and TV, transistor vs tube audio amps, CD's vs vinyl, digital photography and cell phones, all of which needed maturing prompted by hardware advancements, objective criticism and marketplace acceptance.

Again, contact Apple with your business case, perhaps they will see a value in your USB "Pro" utility.

On Sep 21, 2016, at 3:30 AM, Mark Brandon Leavenworth wrote:

On Sep 21, 2016, at 3:14 AM, M Pulis <> wrote:

Video and Audio engineers also use signal generators, scopes as well as spectrum and distortion analyzers to perfect their products.

I'm pleased that you used these examples. There was a time when those particular tools were available to relatively few until Apple produced applications like Compressor, Color and Soundtrack Pro, which consolidated the available tools into one coherent interface.

You might not be surprised that there was plenty of industry objection and those advances.

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