> On Sep 20, 2016, at 10:30 PM, David Grayson <davidegray...@gmail.com> wrote:
> You still haven't mentioned any specific use cases so it's hard to imagine 
> what you actually want this utility to do.
> What would the utility do if I tell it to transfer data from a USB mouse to a 
> USB sound device?  What would the utility do if I tell it to transfer data 
> from a USB networking device to a USB keyboard?  Do you have some use case 
> that is less silly?


Easily testing a mouse or keyboard for broken keys or broken circuitry 
(transferring to a file, for example) is one example which is not too silly for 
many users. And with growing popularity of robotics cards, automation devices 
(for home and business), and device development, checking data transfer 
capability is critical in a growing number of cases. 

Currently, the most popular use would be checking and arranging for audio and 
video, especially live video, transfers as well as piping data from input 
streams to output devices. The cause of any issues in quality of transmission 
for any data could be easily identified by the typical user. 

Problems that originate from firmware compatibility (which are also bound to be 
increasing) could be easily identified rather than practically impossible to 

The space for practical interchanging of drivers for most users would open the 
way for standardization of chips and drivers.

If there are any security concerns, they could be addressed by Apple in the 
app, while opening development instead of closing development of data transfer 

I'm sure that on an Apple communication I needn't do the math of multiplying 
the effect on development of technology when it is made easy-to-access. 

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