> On Sep 21, 2016, at 5:30 AM, M Pulis <tooth...@fastq.com> wrote:
> These content creating apps are not intended for the kind of testing and 
> analysis you allude to in your earlier posts. Compressor and Color are 
> modules for Final Cut Pro, again, targeting industry professionals, not 
> typical users nor engineers developing products.

It's interesting to me that you feel compelled to draw the lines between 
'content creating apps' and other apps in this discussion, or between 
'professional use' and 'typical user'. My 10-year-old boys just produced a 
video which would have required millions of dollars of equipment and teams of 
professionals only twenty years ago. 

Or, to take an example closer to the topic, why the need to draw a line between 
streaming live video from a usb camera for a home security system and streaming 
live video for an HTML distribution of a presentation? These both have the same 
requirements, requirements which could be made incredibly easy for any user to 
implement for not only this example, but the future of data transmission 
devices and protocols. Further, this particular example is not a futuristic 
scenario, but the lousy media industry has been preventing the deployment of 
technology which has been available and defined globally since 2009. 

I asked for technical and security objections by which I meant specific 
technical hurdles or legitimate national security issues, not industry mogul 
professional security at the cost of liberty and freedom for 'typical users' or 
objections to blurring the definition between 'typical' and 'professional' 
'content providers'. 

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