On 24 August 2014 21:36, Todd Allen <toddmal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Filed as 69967 on Bugzilla.

Great, thanks! I suspect this is a problem with MobileFrontend, so I've
moved the bug into that product so that people will see it. I'll keep my
eye on the bug, either way.

I'm glad you clarified that; to be quite
> honest, the timing here (starting about a couple weeks ago) looked to me to
> be yet another "You'll use it and you'll LIKE IT!", especially given the
> lack of response at the documentation page. Sorry if I jumped to a
> conclusion.

The Mobile Apps team typically receives messages from volunteers through
the Village Pumps (in which case the Community Liaisons know to ping me) or
by email directly into mobile-l. I personally never would've thought to
check that talk page for comments and questions. I suspect the same is true
of the Mobile Web team.

I'll update the header on that talk page to point to [[WP:VPT]] so that
people leave their comments in the right place.


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