>> How can we attract people who
>> don't usually come to meetups? I expect embarrassingly few will turn
>> up if we can't do this.
> Yes, my concern too. Thoughts on how to increase turn-out:
> == Tell them ==
> * We spam everyone in
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Wikipedians_in_Sydney
> , all ~231 of them, via their talk page, notifying them about this  
> event
> for Wikipedians in Sydney,

This I what I was expecting we would do - once the Membership of WM- 
AU have had a chance to settle on a date.

> * Put it on the Australian Wikipedian's noticeboard.
Yep. Even if they can't come because it's full or they're not in the  
city, it makes them more aware of WM-AU as a real entity and  
encourages them to join up in the future. So, it needn't be a "we  
need more people" notice, but more of a "what your chapter is doing  
for you, FYI".
> == Outreach to related communities ==
I really don't think we'll need to go beyond our immediate contacts  
for this one. 20 people will fill up faster that you expect I believe.
> == Maybe add a sweetener? ==
I'm pretty sure there's enough sweetener in this already! :-) WM-AU  
doesn't have any merch of its own as yet...
But did I mention that Powerhouse wants to put their marketing people  
on to this and try to get this event mentioned in the papers/radio  
the next day...? Sweet enough yet?
> == Exclusivity ==

This, I expect will be a major drawcard factor, and something that is  
implicit in the name of the event.
> Let's assume we do the above, and that gets us 7 more people.
> == Overbooking ==

Hmm... not sure, I don't want to second guess a system that has never  
been tested yet.
> So basically even if we do all of the above, we'll probably get  
> about 7
> +7+6+7-7 = 20 people.
> That's my guess anyway.
> -- All the best,
> Nick.

In conclusion - I think we'll get our 20 quick-smart. The trick is  
not so much finding 20 people who are willing to get access to  
Powerhouse for free, but more a question of finding 20 people who  
will repay the Powerhouse's generosity with some effort on WP.  
Remember - this is not just a free-ride, we have to put back too...  
*This will be the trick to making this successful and getting the  
Powerhouse to recommend us to other institutions in the future.* This  
is our "job interview".

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