Actually this is possible, but two notes:

* I have yet never had a reason for anything within our projects to be
confidential. Neither with WMCH, nor openZIM, nor WMAT.
The only thing that always has to be confidential is human ressources,
and that's part of board and thus will be dealt with in the board wiki
which also exists and is closed.

* Closing the members wiki results in a higher demand of reporting as we
lock out the public from what we are actually doing. I was already
disappointed by the frequency the members wiki / former website has been
updated, by the much smaller group with access to the new website this
got worse and by closing down the members wiki there is no more place
left to participate in the current projects.


> Le 20 janv. 2012 à 16:14, Emmanuel Engelhart a écrit :
>> For this reason, I propose to make all pages of this wiki protected in
>> read&write for anonymous user and only members should have the
>> permission to access it. If other people need access, they should ask.
Manuel Schneider

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