The problem comes when you have too much business so you stop selling... and yes, it happens. We are in that "phase" right now... can't seem to hire people fast enough... and yet we haven't done any real "sales" for over a year... (currently have 84 wireless orders waiting to be installed... that's a full month with 5 full-time installers.)


Peter R. wrote:
Selling is actively working a process or plan to ink deals.
It involves prospecting, answering objections, providing a value
proposition, inking contracts.
Charles is right about the used car sales attitude, but that isn't
usually the issue.
Usually the issue is that no one is selling... everyone is just taking
the orders as they come in.
That's like saying the guy at the post office is in sales... "How many
stamps do you want?"
Cold calling, door knocking, networking and prospecting are sales
Waiting by the phone is not :)

Peter Radizeski
Marketing IDEA

Charles Wu wrote:

Profile your best clients.
Pick out who you want your clients to be.
Research them.
Be in front of them.
Sell them.

Here's one thing to discuss -- "selling" vs "order taking"
The conundrum of sales is that everyone LOVES to buy, but HATES being sold
When one goes in the mentality to try to "sell something" -- more often than not, one ends up more like the "greasy car salesperson" that leaves a bad
taste in someone's mouth


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