Just keep trying to be younger. I think that is your chi which can make you 
younger and bring about eternal life if properly cultivated. 

Please provide good examples of cultivating chi! 

Best wishes, 


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  Al, On the average, there are about 15-20% of the English posted here 
  are beyond me. I can read every word, but I miss the mark. Like this 
  one for instance, what part is the "younger"? It would be nice if you 
  could pointed out and then I can try to be younger. Wouldn't you?

  Fitness63 wrote:
  > From: Jue Miao Jing Ming - Indeed, even the chakra connections, chi flow,
  > etc. occur most fluidly when we expect the least. Our head really blocks
  > off a lot of things....>
  > Did you really write this, or do you have someone translating for you? I
  > hope you are not offended, but sometimes you sound like an old 
  > professor and
  > sometimes you sound like a younger person. I get the feeling that the 
  > flavor
  > of your messages depends on who is translating or you may be watching too
  > much Television and that is affecting your style.
  > Please turn off your TV and return to meditation and study. I like the 
  > old
  > professor style better.
  > Al


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