Hi Margie,

I agree that the constant obsession with sex is a distraction as are other desires. And I agree that sex is natural. Sometimes the best way to deal with desires is just to satisfy them and go on with other things rather than obsessing about them.


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Hi Al,

I most certainly do believe in morals and ethics.

If faithfulness is important to people, then they should be faithful
and find find a partner who feels the same way.

If they are not in a relationship that requires faithfulness, then
they are free to do whatever they want with other consenting adults.

I also think, in my country (America), huge amounts of time, money,
and energy are wasted on sex.

I most certainly believe it is unethical and immoral for anyone to
tell other consenting adults how they should behave sexually.

I believe sex is not personal. Dogs do it, horses do it, bugs do it.
Most things that are alive do it in some way or other. It is no more
personal than eating or breathing or sleeping. Like eating or
breathing or sleeping, sex is a natural function. Natural functions
cannot be moral or immoral. If someone were starving I would not think
it immoral of them to steal food.

I think one should attend to ones' own morals and ethics and let
others tend to theirs.

I'm sorry if I offended you.
Margie (roloro1557)

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> "roloro1557" I think consenting adults should have sex as much as they
> want with whomever they want.
> >
> I guess you would agree that you are an amoral and/or immoral person
> and that you believe that there is no such thing as morals or ethics
> and you certainly would not tolerate faithfulness? After all, as much
> and with whomever cannot exist within any human concept of
> relationships?

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