Hi Margie,

Yes, I'd agree with you on most all your points. BTW my grandfather was a Polish immigrant who escaped Poland hiding in a hay wagon so we have some similar ancestry. As to the 'emotional damage' from sex I would note that Zen tells us that most so called 'emotional damage' is simply our own inability to escape attachments, not something actually 'caused' by external events. Letting all that kind of stuff go is essential on the path to pure untroubled consciousness.


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Hi Edgar-

(big sigh)
Sex is such a hot button issue. I have trouble in this area because
now that I am older my perspective on sex is very different than when
I was young. Sex by itself (WITHOUT the pregnancy and sexually
transmitted disease issues) is such a tiny, inconsequential part of
life, sometimes all the hub-bub over it really gets to me.

My grandmother, who was a polish immigrant to America, used to say
that Americans talk about and obsess about sex so much because they
don't actually do it nearly enough. She also laid a lot of the blame
on victorian sensibilities about sex. She was a very wise lady and I
find myself agreeing with her more and more as I get older.

And sometimes to hear people talk, you'd think human beings are the
only life form on the planet that ever has sex. It's the way species
get propagated for pity sake, of course people want to do it a lot.
Luckily, we are also human and have invented nifty little things like
birth control.

I have read very deeply into the scientific, anthropological,
chemical, and psychological aspects of sex and I know it's not even in
the same galaxy as what people commonly think it is. It is simply a
natural function that's meant to propagate species. As long as the
parties involved are consenting adults and there aren't unwanted
pregnancies and disease is not spread and any other emotional damage
is kept to a minimum, I don't see what the big deal is.

Margie (roloro1557)

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> Hi Margie,
> I agree that the constant obsession with sex is a distraction as are
> other desires. And I agree that sex is natural. Sometimes the best
> way to deal with desires is just to satisfy them and go on with other
> things rather than obsessing about them.
> Edgar

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