Hi Margie,

Maybe even siblings? I've always thought I was probably switched at birth, or maybe dropped off from another planet. :-)


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Hi Edgar-

That's really interesting... We have a similar tone to out poetry, we
have polish ancestors, maybe we are long-lost cousins and just don't
know it. <grin>

I completely agree with you about emotional damage and attachment.

Margie (roloro1557)

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> Hi Margie,
> Yes, I'd agree with you on most all your points. BTW my grandfather
> was a Polish immigrant who escaped Poland hiding in a hay wagon so we
> have some similar ancestry. As to the 'emotional damage' from sex I
> would note that Zen tells us that most so called 'emotional damage'
> is simply our own inability to escape attachments, not something
> actually 'caused' by external events. Letting all that kind of stuff
> go is essential on the path to pure untroubled consciousness.
> Best,
> Edgar

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