That of course is not the Tantric view of sex, or that of people like Wilhelm Reich (see his book 'The Function of the Orgasm') which posit that aside from its basic reproductive function that sex exists, or should be used, as an aid to enlightenment. It is the most easy and powerful way to get the internal chi flows going and enhance them and that being done sex should be used to move the chi energy of love through all the chakras and meridians to purify, cleanse and energize the body and ultimately up to the crown chakra to effect enlightenment together with the lover.

Certainly works for me! Though now that I'm a hermit, I only make love with the Tao and that works fine too!


On Oct 5, 2008, at 7:07 AM, roloro1557 wrote:

Good Morning Mayka-

It's nice to meet you and thank you for your post.

What happens when horses have sex? Or dogs? Or bugs? They get baby
horses or dogs or bugs. What I was trying to say is that if we take
away everything else we know about sex, everything else we feel about
sex, if we pare it down to it's most basic function, it's meant to
make babies. It's the way species continue and go on. That's the most
basic and essential reason horses and dogs and bugs and people have
sex. On a physical level it is a natural function like breathing or
eating or sleeping.

If people want to express emotion through sexuality, then of course
that is what they should do. However, and I don't mean to sound vulgar
or crass, I think it's important to understand what sex is at it's
most basic level. I think it's very important not to confuse the
physical, natural urge to breed with an emotional thing like love.

For the most part, based on the experience I have, I think Europeans
have a much healthier attitude about sex than Americans.

I hope I haven't offended you,
Margie (roloro1557)

--- In, "Mayka" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dear Margie;
> Welcome to the forum. Thank you for all the interesting points you
> have been raising so far.
> With reference to this post I would like to tell you that this is not
> my way experience of seeing sex. I'm a European which means that in
> Europe we don't have the puritan taboos America seems to have.
> However, Being sexualy liberated does not mean that some of us have sex > like animals. Sexuality to some of us means to express an emotion with > someone through the Art of Sex. I call it the Art of Sex because this
> is what it is when you have sex with someone you love. I don't
> understand having sex with someone I don't love. I am unable to have
> sex if there is no love or something romantic with that person. An
> animal does't have this kind of emotion, doesn't have to love its
> partner in order to have sex. I agree with you that sex has to be
> something free.
> In general Europeans don't make judgements about others sexual lifes.
> In this respect we are very free. It's perhaps this freedom we have
> what makes us to be very selective in our sexuality. However, I admit
> to experience a certain repulsion towards cheap animal sex.
> When humans are involved in sex is important to take into consideration
> third parties and never hurt other because of a sexual appetite.
> Therefore can not be said if I'm hungry I eat.
> Welcome again

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