I took LSD and peyote a number of times in the past. I found these drugs extremely useful in the sense that they clearly show you what your ordinary mind is like by taking you out of it. It is extremely difficult to understand the constraints of ordinary mind from within those constraints. But when one sees those constraints from outside during an LSD experience they can be more easily recognized. That enables one to have a better chance of escaping them later on since one has a better idea of what one is dealing with.

You were wise though to understand the ultimately illusory nature of all the spirits etc. and to disregard them. Unfortunately many who take drugs make the mistake of thinking those things real and ultimately getting lost in delusion, not that most of ordinary mind is not delusion as well of course.

Thanks for sharing your very interesting experience.


On Oct 1, 2008, at 10:30 PM, cid830 wrote:

I started practicing around 16 yrs of age. I had a very good
routine and thoroughly enjoyed my nightly seshins. After a year of
disciplined practice, I once came home after a night out with my
friends and our favorite hallucinogen, and decided to meditate. I was
suprisingly able to sit and focus on my breath as I had been trained.
Soon, I was in my most relaxed state in which I could no longer feel
my body (this is what I was used to). But quickly things began
happening and I entered a state of unfamiliar territory. I did not
acknowledge, I continued to breathe. Scenes started rushing before
me, I did not acknowledge, I continued to breathe. My entire life
played out in my head, and then scenes of past lives I guess, I then
remember primitive-type peoples around a bonfire followed by
darkness, then a sort of textbook scribbling that began flowing and
flowing, all the while I did not acknowledge, I continued to
breathe. This entire experience began to fall away into a tiny
bubble and POOF! It was gone. I then experienced a vast ocean of
nothingness. Everything quiet, everything still, all the while
breathing, in, out, rising, falling. I later interpreted that as all
the knowledge in my head was but a spec compared to the limitless
universal being. Then "spirits" began beckoning me to come with them,
I did not acknowledge, I continued to breathe, one after the other
they came, I soon had an overwhelming feeling to open my eyes, and I
did so, to the sight of a huge pulsating face, the entire size of my
wall, just sitting there, staring back at me, and all the while
little darts of light, dancing around my periphery, after a slight
nod to the face, I again closed my eyes and continued to breathe. I
remember then a rush of energy and scenes overcoming my being so fast
that I still cannot process them, the last thing I remember was the
concept of mother then father then a cross, then a bright light that
struck my concsiousness so hard that I immediatly snapped out of my
meditation and was as sober as the day I was born. All of this
happening I now interpret in to words, but at the time, with my
training, I tried not to acknowledge what was happening to me, I was
just trying to breathe and keep my concentration. All sense of time
had vanished, but it must've been about an hour or two.

I know, I know, how can you reasonably call this a true experience,
isn't this just an LSD trip? Well, whatever it was, it was the most
profound experience of my life, and I spent years (and many more
trips) to get back there again. My problem is that I thought I found
the key, a short-cut to enlightenment. I felt I had experienced
through the hallucinogen what masters experience after a lifetime of
practice. I soon spent less time on my practice, and more on such
subjects as Shamanism and Hallucinogens (one of many books I

Okay, wrap it up Chris! So after years gone astray, and a terrible
problem with addiction, a supportive family and NA realy helped. NA
got me sober, but after a while I got tired of reminding myself that
I am an addict. A Zen-buddhist temple opening up in my neighborhood
of Mansfield, Tx, brought me around full circle!

Satori Experience? Or Jimi Hendrix Experience? You be the judge!

Thank You!


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