Hi Margie,
She is Tenzin Palmo, born Diane Perry in the UK. Her present name implies 
Tibetan Buddhism. The Tibetan route of enlightenment has the same goal as zen, 
but the way is very different. In other words, they are a color TV, and we are 
black and white. If I were you, it would be fun to see how these different 
approaches meet. Especially when she is coming your way in Oct/Nov, to the USA! 
If you are interested to find out the itinerary, please visit 

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Date: Wednesday, 1 October, 2008, 1:24 PM

Hi Anthony,

Yes, my Satori was 'out of the blue' along with the lightning. Maybe I
am lucky. I don't know about my previous lives.

Please do tell me about lady who spent 12 years in a cave, I would
like to hear the story.

Margie (roloro1557)

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> Margie,
> Are you saying your satori was also 'out of the blue'?? You must be
very lucky, or you worked hard in your previous lives. Another lady
spent 12 years in a cave in the mountains, still not awakened. Do you
want to know who she is? Or you may already know.
> Regards,
> Anthony


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