Quantum effects can be non-local but that has nothing to do with consciousness of the human type, though of course in my view the entire universe is conscious in a broader sense. http:// for more on that.


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Hi Edgar,

My former husband had a similar experience when he was in a car accident.

But. . . On a related note, what do you think of the stuff that is
supposedly based on quantum physics that says consciousness is
non-local in the first place?

I'm asking because it seems like an interesting idea to me, but I
don't know enough about quantum physics to really know if the
proponents of the idea are basing it on real, solid science or if it's
pseudo-science. I've only read a little bit about it.

Margie (roloro1557)

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> BTW, even if there were good scientific evidence of people viewing
> from outside their body (i've actually had that kind of nde myself
> once in Japan) that would say nothing about persistence of
> consciousness after death since there was no death yet at that point.

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