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Good point. That's why understanding how the brain does this by erecting many of the veils of illusion is so important to understanding how to experience the reality beyond those veils.


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Edgar wrote:
>Good point. And we actually are conscious of only the minutest fraction of
the reality around us at any time.

In the DOORS TO PERCEPTION published in 1954 the author Aldous Huxley
proposed that the brain, rather than emanating knowledge, actually acts as a FILTER of knowledge. He goes on to propose that hallucinogenic or religious experiences (between which he draws only a fine distinction) are a result of a breakdown in the brain's filtering function. This breakdown can be caused
anything that deprives the brain of oxygen (such as chanting or slow,
controlled breathing like zazen), or glucose (such as fasting or some drugs like LSD and mescaline), or introduces chemicals (such as self- flagellation, fasting also increases the quantity of toxic wastes in the blood stream,
flight/fight reaction or any number of other drugs).

Another good book on this subject is VARIETIES OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE
published around 1905 and authored by William James.


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