Good point. And we actually are conscious of only the minutest fraction of the reality around us at any time.


On Oct 10, 2008, at 11:30 AM, Jody W. Ianuzzi wrote:

I learned a lot about my own mind about two years ago when I had minor
surgery. I was told before the surgery that I would not remember the doctor talking to me immediately after I woke up. After the surgery I woke up and asked where the doctor was. Sure enough I was told she had been there and she told me everything was all right. I thought this was incredible because I had no memory of it at all. I laughed and asked the nurse what I had said. She said I was very relieved and had thanked the doctor many times. Well,
at least I was in character.

I went home and I really thought about this. If you can have lapses in
memory and not know it, then what IS your consciousness? Certainly NOT as
concrete as we might like.


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