I'm not able to get your posts as email - nor Mike Brown's.  I don't 
know why.  I'm in the website now so I did see this one.

TNH's meditation guide/koan 'Present moment.  Wonderful moment.' is 
saying EXACTLY what I said in my previous post: "...there is no 'you' 
doing anything,  there is only ever one thing happening - Just THIS! 
and it is only ever happening NOW.

There is only this PRESENT MOMENT - no you, no other things going on, 
and there is only now.

Personally I think THN's 'Wonderful' qualifer on the second part is 
unnecessary and actually misleading.  I'd appreciate if you would ask 
him (or your teacher) about that:  Why does he describe the Present 
Moment as 'wonderful'.  This is a dualistic qualifier which should 
not be applied to Present Moment.  There is only one eternal Present 
Moment, and it is neither wonderful nor unpleasant.  It is Just 
THIS!  Present Moment!


--- In, "Mayka" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Bill;
> I'm sorry to say that I was unable to figure out or understand much 
> about the conversation between Edgar and yourself. I understand 
> better words with simplicity.  I actually believe that the greater 
> the simplicity the greater is also its depth and beauty.  For 
> instance, There is this step in one of the guide meditations from 
> which says "Present moment, Wonderful moment".  Initially I used to 
> think that it was nice but not a very realistic way since the 
> moments varies.  But slowly, slowly I started to penetrate into 
> this "koan" finding with surprise that indeed present moment is a 
> wonderful moment.  I found that indeed we can choose the mental 
> we want to be!.  Just an exemle to show how words with simplicity 
> works much better, at the very least on me. 
> You keep talking about illusion.  Illusion is also part of 
> Without illusion there wouldn't be reality.  My Teacher says that 
> enlightenment, nirvana is made with no elements of nirvana.  I 
> that what he means by that is that both relate to each other and 
> are one.
> Mayka   
> --- In, <BillSmart@> wrote:
> >
> > Mayka,
> > 
> > I disagree with Edgar on this.  Actually this is the same 
> disagreement on
> > which Edgar and I posted on previously concerning causation and 
> eventually
> > abandoned our efforts.
> > - Edgar thinks reality is made up of many distinct (but sometimes 
> related)
> > things happening at either the same or different times. (At least 
> that is my
> > understanding of Edgar's general position.  He can correct me if 
> I'm wrong
> > in my assessment or if I'm not expressing it well.)
> > - I think reality is only one thing (Just THIS!), and there is 
> one time
> > (now).
> > 
> > So, my responses to you are that there is no 'you' doing 
> there is
> > only ever one thing happening - Just THIS! and it is only ever 
> happening
> > NOW.  All the other concepts discussed in this post are illusions.
> > 
> > If you're walking, there is only walking.  The entire universe is 
> walking -
> > now.  If you're chewing gum, there is only chewing gum.  The 
> universe
> > is chewing gum - now.
> > 
> > In Zen Buddhism this is referred to as expressing your Buddha 
> Nature.  I
> > refer to this as Just THIS!
> > 
> > ...Bill!
> > 
> > From: 
> On Behalf
> > Of Edgar Owen
> > Sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 6:37 AM
> > To:
> > Subject: Re: [Zen] Question?
> > 
> > Mayka,
> > 
> > You are missing my point. One's body is always doing many many 
> things at
> > once. One could not exist otherwise. Scores of muscles have to 
> together
> > to make even the simplest motion. To speak tongue and lips and 
> breath must
> > all move at the same time. No one ever is doing just one thing. 
> That is an
> > illusion.
> > 
> > Edgar
> >


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