Mayka, and Bill,

Is Vasque same as Basque?

Re 'wonderful moment'. In different senses both Mayka and Bill are correct here. Since the emotive quality of the present moment is illusory that means we are free (within limits) to choose it to be a wonderful moment. I do this all the time because by choosing it to be a wonderful moment the flow of chi is freed, enhanced and is experienced as universal love energy which refreshes being and enhances awareness.


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I write to you from the website now. Mayka is in Vasque language the
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Maria Lopez. I'm saying this so that you can identify me better and
don't put me on the spam.

There is not a misleading in the meditation step saying "Present
moment/ wonderful moment". In order to see it, one needs to
penetrate it like a diamond cutting through illusion. Years ago, I
used to wonder like yourself the same question. By sitting down many
times with it specially in moments in which the last thing I felt was
present moment as a wonderful moment; I gradually started to tame the
irritation that such a statement produced in me specially in moments
of great distress and despair. Instead of trying to see the meaning
of it, or allowing the intelectual, discriminative mind getting into
the way. I just sit down with the "koan":

Breathing in for I dwell in the present moment - Present moment
Breathing our for I know it's a wonderful moment - Wonderful moment

My foundings through the years have been many on this. It was and it
is a wonderful moment because I felt and feel alive. I'm aware of
being alive. Being alive was a miracle by itself. The part of
wonderful moment helped me to choose whatever state of mind I want to
be in. It helps to see, touch, smell, sense...all the many wonders
of life ocurring at the present moment. This is also why the present
moment is wonderful. It wouldn't be as wonderful without awareness
and freedom of choosing whatever we want to be.


--- In, "Bill Smart" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Mayka,
> I'm not able to get your posts as email - nor Mike Brown's. I
> know why. I'm in the website now so I did see this one.
> TNH's meditation guide/koan 'Present moment. Wonderful moment.' is
> saying EXACTLY what I said in my previous post: "...there is
no 'you'
> doing anything, there is only ever one thing happening - Just
> and it is only ever happening NOW.
> There is only this PRESENT MOMENT - no you, no other things going
> and there is only now.
> Personally I think THN's 'Wonderful' qualifer on the second part is
> unnecessary and actually misleading. I'd appreciate if you would
> him (or your teacher) about that: Why does he describe the Present
> Moment as 'wonderful'. This is a dualistic qualifier which should
> not be applied to Present Moment. There is only one eternal
> Moment, and it is neither wonderful nor unpleasant. It is Just
> THIS! Present Moment!
> ...Bill!
> --- In, "Mayka" <flordeloto@> wrote:
> >
> > Bill;
> >
> > I'm sorry to say that I was unable to figure out or understand
> > about the conversation between Edgar and yourself. I understand
> > better words with simplicity. I actually believe that the
> is
> > the simplicity the greater is also its depth and beauty. For
> > instance, There is this step in one of the guide meditations from
> > which says "Present moment, Wonderful moment". Initially I used
> > think that it was nice but not a very realistic way since the
> present
> > moments varies. But slowly, slowly I started to penetrate into
> > this "koan" finding with surprise that indeed present moment is a
> > wonderful moment. I found that indeed we can choose the mental
> state
> > we want to be!. Just an exemle to show how words with simplicity
> > works much better, at the very least on me.
> >
> > You keep talking about illusion. Illusion is also part of
> reality.
> > Without illusion there wouldn't be reality. My Teacher says that
> > enlightenment, nirvana is made with no elements of nirvana. I
> think
> > that what he means by that is that both relate to each other and
> both
> > are one.
> >
> > Mayka
> >
> > --- In, <BillSmart@> wrote:
> > >
> > > Mayka,
> > >
> > > I disagree with Edgar on this. Actually this is the same
> > disagreement on
> > > which Edgar and I posted on previously concerning causation and
> > eventually
> > > abandoned our efforts.
> > > - Edgar thinks reality is made up of many distinct (but
> > related)
> > > things happening at either the same or different times. (At
> > that is my
> > > understanding of Edgar's general position. He can correct me
> > I'm wrong
> > > in my assessment or if I'm not expressing it well.)
> > > - I think reality is only one thing (Just THIS!), and there is
> only
> > one time
> > > (now).
> > >
> > > So, my responses to you are that there is no 'you' doing
> anything,
> > there is
> > > only ever one thing happening - Just THIS! and it is only ever
> > happening
> > > NOW. All the other concepts discussed in this post are
> > >
> > > If you're walking, there is only walking. The entire universe
> > walking -
> > > now. If you're chewing gum, there is only chewing gum. The
> entire
> > universe
> > > is chewing gum - now.
> > >
> > > In Zen Buddhism this is referred to as expressing your Buddha
> > Nature. I
> > > refer to this as Just THIS!
> > >
> > > ...Bill!
> > >
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> > > Of Edgar Owen
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> > > Mayka,
> > >
> > > You are missing my point. One's body is always doing many many
> > things at
> > > once. One could not exist otherwise. Scores of muscles have to
> move
> > together
> > > to make even the simplest motion. To speak tongue and lips and
> > breath must
> > > all move at the same time. No one ever is doing just one thing.
> > That is an
> > > illusion.
> > >
> > > Edgar
> > >
> >

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