There is no mirror!


On Dec 5, 2008, at 12:41 PM, Mayka wrote:

--- In, Jue Miao Jing Ming - 覺妙精明
"... perception in others is really a
> reflection of oneself".


Although perception and reflection may have some things in common but
I don't see them exactly the same. I explain;

Say for instance that you have a mirror. You look at it and you see
you're own image. That would be a reflection of yours in the mirror.

Keep looking at yourself in the mirror. What you are perceiving
about yourself in the mirror is what is a perception of yours. Not a
reflection but a perception. What you are perceiving it would be
determined to your mental state of mind. Therefore it would be

If you see your own reflection in the mirror and not the perception
means that what you are looking at is yourself reflection in a
mirror. In the perception you there is not yourself reflection but
what you immagine to be the reflection. While in the reflection
there is what is in you reflected in the mirror.

This is the way I interpretate the differences I see between
perception and reflection.


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