Buddhist faith, prayer and blessings have the same meaning as with Christian, 
except that they are directed or concerned with Buddha, dharma and sangha. For 
instance, a Buddist prayer is directed to Amitabha, Sakyamuni, or a wrathful 
deity in the case of Tibetan Buddhism. Mind you, Bill is against all this. His 
pure zen way calls for giving up all that superstition and relies on yourself. 
Like Zhaozhou zen master says, when being asked, 'if everything has Buddha 
nature, does a dog have it?', "NO!" (muuuuuu). That means 'don't attach to 
anything. Not even Buddha.'

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Hello JMJM,

some times I think the English translations are misleading. Using the word 
Faith, Prayer and Blessings in English have a very Christian meaning and 
when people use these terms in Buddhism I think it is misleading.
I understand Buddhist Faith to mean a trust in oneself to follow the right 
path. What would the correct meaning of Buddhist Prayer and Buddhist 
Blessings be?



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