Hello Mayka,

I used to feel the same way. I actually hated myself. Then I was reading a
book by the Dalai Lama and he said that he found the whole concept of people
hating themselves to be so alien and he couldn't understand it at all. 

*Yes, I think I read that same book.  I had a really abysmal childhood full of 
abuse, and many years later, we can find ourselves hating ourselves because 
is all we learned from our family of origin. It's hard to love yourself. 

I started to really think about that and I realized how he was so right. I
was able to break through my own self hate and now I actually LIKE myself.
Of course, when you like yourself you like everyone around you a lot more

*Right, Jody!  I find loving myself to be a hard thing to do, but must be done 

we are to grow spiritually and personally. 


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