I agree with every word of your post below.Bill!


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In my direct experience there is nothing at all mystical about zen - nor is
there anything mystical about it as the old Chinese masters taught it. And I
do think this is why many people have such a hard time with zen - they are
looking for something mystical, they cannot believe it really is that
simple: "Everyday mind is zen mind" or "Marvelous spiritual power; chopping
wood and carrying water!" or "If you want to understand zen directly, the
normal mind is zen mind." And my favorite: "Someone asked Xuedou, 'What is
the living meaning of zen?' Xuedou said, 'The mountains are high, the oceans
are wide.' "

Until you "get it" these things don't seem to make sense and people think
there must be some deep mystical thing they are missing. After you "get it"
you realize it was there all along! ;-)


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