Already done and continue to do that Ed, with varying degrees of *success*. 
Wanted to hear how others have fared.

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> Hi Bill and Group

> Bill, in a previous post to DP you said something about when one has a 
> problem with someone, it is never theirs it's always yours. 
>  This is something that I have previously found VERY intruiging. I've 
>investigated it recently in my own
life, to a greater or lesser degree. 
Hi Rose,
Could you relate to us your experience when attempting to apply the principle 
to some particular situation in your life?
> I seem to be able to *manage* it with small issues, but with big 
>, it's difficult. Can you give us an example of a 'big issue' 
> which you find hard to manage with that worldview.
> Could you say more about it? What I'd really like is get some real life 
> (possibly extreme?) examples of how
this has worked out (peace of mind) for you maybe, or for others. 
Can you cite a big issue with which you have found difficulty applying the 
principle to?
> To my western mind, the idea that *it* is not the other persons fault/problem 
> is kinda counterintuitive. But I can see the potential for peace of mind in 
> getting out of this particular habit of mind.

Indeed, the contentious, self-righteous Judeo-Christian mind-set is extremely 
difficult to erase.

> This has been swimming around in my brain for days now, so anyone, if you 
> have any thoughts, that'd be great! And I don't really mean just soundbites 
> and corny one liners, I mean actual examples from your life.

> Thanks  Rose
Rose, IMO, the best point to start with is with some particular situation in 
your life.
Rgds, --ED



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