It's certainly a strange situation here regarding the US-Japanese relationship. 
Here's a country that had 2 atomic bombs dropped on it in living memory, yet 
young people go around adopting the fashion of the country that did the bombing 
(eg, wearing 'I love the USA' baseball caps etc).

My travels are purely hedonistic and have nothing to do with either Zen or my 
job (teaching English). Anything I learn on my travels regarding understanding 
women and how to chat them up will be a bonus ; )


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Hi Mike,

The westernized diet is the  worst export the USA has given  Japan , and the 
world.  I've heard it said, (though don't know if its true), that  Japanese 
people  envy  all things American, and work hard to adopt our lifestyle.   
odd, as  our eating habits on  a per capia basis, has us as the fattest, most 
sedentary, with the highest chronic health complaints of  all.  Childhood 
obesity, ADD /ADHD. pre-diabetes and more  is passed onto our youth.  Japanese 
people have traditionally had among the highest life expectancy rates in the 
world.  Copying us  is simply self-destructive.    Enough on that rant..except 
to add that if what you say here is true, it is "us" who need to copy them.

It sounds like you have an exciting adventure coming up.  Are you travelling  
for work, or is this some kind of buddhist /zen -related pilgrimage;)  Perhaps 
a  tantra-training to better enjoy all those lovely women;)  


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>Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010, 5:38 AM
>I couldn't believe the first time I went to a Japanese foodhall (in a mall) 
>the queue for McDonalds was 20 people and the traditional food places (ramen, 
>okanomiyaki etc.) were empty! Still, Japan is an alternative reality for those 
>of us from the West. No violence, extreme politeness (getting bowed to for 
>ordering a Big Mac is still a thrill), no obesity (except for sumo wrestlers 
>are seen as gods), trains that run on time *to the minute*, drinking in public 
>is ok, children as young as 10 still travelling on trains at 11pm and *safe* 
>etc. And the women.. oh my god, the women... Yep, won't be leaving any time 
>(although I'm going to Bali, India, Nepal and Thailand this Xmas for 3 


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