Many oriental sentences are without subjects or objects. Bill is completely 
adjusted to Thailand, and the zen way. They are very grammatical here.

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Nice succinct answer. 
And, question:  Your zen-like statement in ungrammatical, without subject or 
object. Is this a zen tradition of speaking, with a view to training the mind 
out of its customary dualistic mode of experiencing reality?
Thank you, ED
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Mayka and Ed,

Or perhaps Bill! would say: 'No effort, no judgment, no grasping, no
pushing-away, no concepts - Just THIS!


Or perhaps as Bill might say:  Whatever is happening, the practicing
zenist's mind's effort is always directed toward remaining calm, alert and
aware in the here and now, in the state of 'just THIS', and as much as
possible without judgment, grasping, pushing away, conception-formation or

> ED:
> In real life and face to face with people in the arena of zen there are no
women or men but just practicioners who sit down together and practice
together.  There is not as much chatting but all activities are made in
> Mayka

> Mayka,
> You describe situations, preferences, choices and challenges that every
human encounters in interactions with other humans in the normal course of
> The crucial question is: With what sort of mind does a zenist greet them
> --ED

> Chris, ED and all:
> To me is not a question about men or women but human beings.  There are
times I don't get on with certain type of men and there are times I find
difficult to get on with certain type of women.  There are very competitive
men and there are very competitive women but there are also all those to
whom value the most the quality contact they have with other human beings
regardless they are men or women.  In real life I also have some male
friend to whom first encounter was a disaster and then after some
disagrements and fights become very close friends. There is no difference
here for as long as the person in front of us is of the same wave of
> Mayka

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