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Mayka, yes the bailaora was relatively subdued in her performance.  --ED

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> Thank you ED for the video.  But The "bailaora" is pathetic!!!.Â
> Paste here something more into the real Spanish art within that gemre:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eex1aqbfP08

> Mayka:
> You are a passionate woman who brings life to the Zen Forum; please
don't stray too far.
> --ED
> "Form is Emptiness, the passions are the awakening."Â  --Zen Master
who used to frequent orgy-houses

> ED:
> I've been participating a little bit too much latlely in the forum.  I
can't see any of my posting be useful to anyone.  When this happens the
best for a practicioner is to quietly let go all the chat and lurk for a
> See you later aligator, nor for a while cocrodile.
> Thank you for all the company you have been giving through the weeks.
> Mayka

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