Is it mama patting Billy on the head for being a good boy?

Or is it a product of the fecal finger-pointing Judeo-Christian

Or is it the historical Spanish inquisitorial spirit rearing its ugly

Or is it something else?


--- In, Maria Lopez <flordel...@...> wrote:
> Bill:
> You would have been in your right not to give a reply to malicious
> Mayka

> Ed and Kristy,
> I didn't mean to be overly restrained. I can only give you my
impressions of them before they became Dharma successors and were just
two of a group of monks and students at the center - albeit 2 of the
most senior and seemingly advanced students. I will say that I was
always more comfortable with Bernie then Gempo. Gempo just seemed a
little less approachable, but I've always just wrote that off as just a
personality mismatch.
> ...Bill!

> Ed,
> Well then, it seems we all are "underwhelmed" by Gempo...k

> Kristy,
> My (slight) interest in Gempo was aroused by your mention of him.
> Bill has been restrained in his speech about his dharma brothers.
> --ED

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