No, Thank You.  I already have much of the infant's mentality, the lack of
duality, the awareness, the "no-mind" - to discard all of what I have
"learned" so far would be to discard my true self.

The typical five year old has many concepts and ideas, they are possessive,
materialistic, extreme in their sense of duality, some even expect others to
serve them - that is nothing I strive towards being.

If all children naturally developed as Buddhas, there would be no need for
Buddhism to exist.


On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 3:36 PM, Maria Lopez <>wrote:

> *Lana wrote: *
> *So I ask: How do you interact with the people in this world?*
> * *
> *Dear Lana:*
> *Have a warm welcome to us..  My advice here to you will be that of forget
> all you have learnt so far and start all over completely a new.  As if you
> were a baby recently borne who has everything to learn, to explore, to
> experience.  Visualise the baby you were and observe the personality and way
> of doing of that baby.  Or when you were five years old with no concepts or
> ideas but with that huge awe and curiosity for everything?.  Can you
> remember how very attentive then,  you were able to listen to anyone talking
> to you about something?.  Can you remember how attentive you were to
> everything that was going on?....Remember the little child and be simply
> yourself in that simplicity,  Natural with your laugh and your tears.  Free
> yourself of the weight of the thought and ideas accumulated through the
> years.    Don't be afraid of being yourself.  Give up about enlightenment
> and just be happy.  *
> * *
> *I interact well with people but then I'm very lazy in cultivating  them
> and most of them give up on me!. But that is not their fault but mine all
> alone.*
> * *
> *Hope you have lots and lots of feedback for your question.*
> *Mayka*

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