Excellent detailed advice!

Obviously you have professional hands-on experience in the holistic
mental/physical health field.


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Happy New Year Anthony..Dave..All, :)   You bring up a good point.  I
agree that some conditions, like OCD and others, often have an organic
origin. Though such  conditions benefit the most from a bio /psycho /
social  treatment program.   We all must 'start where we are'. I sense
that Dave is seeking some specific instructions, which seems reasonable.
Trying to do too much at once is overwhelming.  I do come from a
holistic health perspective, and I do not  usually recommend drugs  or
high-tech interventions as a first model of therapy.   That said, my
husband is a neuro-surgeon, and his dad, (though retired now) is a
psychiatrist.  I will recommend once again, that seeking a comprehensive
medical evaluation is the best place to begin.  Finding the right
integrated medical center and health care team  that is right for Dave--
is the first step.    --Seek out a practioner that is qualified
medically, and has relevant certifications and experience   --Insist on
a thourough initial meeting wherein you can explain your symptoms, your
concerns and goals, and your own needs and beliefs-- such as a desire to
include zen training /meditation /breathwork/ yoga and so on in your
care-- if that is true for you   --Document your activities in writing  
The most important thing is to do something--even though it seems
overwhelming for you   --Ask for assistance in organizing  such a plan  
--And yes-- you can certainly start with 10 minutes of meditation or
similar practice to begin with.  Having a timed tape is likely to be
very helpful, as it offers set boundaries   Start the  New Year with a
commitment to resolve this problem with the help of qualified and caring
professionals. It can change your existence in a very postitive way.  
But you must "act" to get anything done. If you  find it impossible to
do this by yourself, seek out a friend / neighbor/  professional
organization for OCD, and ask  them to guide you  , or help you organize
a plan.  But no one can  take that first step for you. Call someone, and
get started..   Take care.. 

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