Whether meditation or medication is primary is for Dave to try and decide. We 
cannot subsititute.

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I second your recommendations. OCD can be quite challenging to turn around. 
Zazen or any Buddhist or other meditations might well he helpful, but 
medication and/or psychotherapy should possibly be primary - if one possesses 
the resources. It is be advisable to consult with Western medical and 
psychological professionals in this matter - and take heed of their advice.
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> Kristy,
> Glad you are back. I am back too after absence for a short while. 
> Your advice of being awake all the time may work for Dave. Or may not work. 
> He needs to try a hundred things until he finds something good.
> A while ago, if you remember, you advised helping others. It is a good idea, 
> but he did not follow.
> I suggested taking medicine. Again, he did not follow. 
> Years ago, depression was thought to be a psychological disease. But now 
> doctors have found it results at least partly from chemical inbalances in the 
> body. So medicine works. I don't know about Dave's problems. Why not go to a 
> doctor and listen to his advice.
> Anthony

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