Is this something to do with the fact that we're all practising, and no-one 
really ever actually achieves beginners mind 100%? But still, beginners mind is 
something that we might agree is a goal (not the right word) of sorts...... 
Conversely, trying to assess the minds of others would seem to be fraught with 
mucho danger! Sometimes we're bang on, most of the time we're not. This I know 
from personal experience.

If I was given flowers and chocolates I suspect that my automatic thought would 
be - wow, what did I do to deserve these? So I guess the cynicism would be 
towards myself, not towards the giver. 


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Rose, when a woman receives box of expensive chocolates and a huge bouquet of 
flower from her lover, and she still says to him: "But you don't love me.", is 
she *assessing* his mind-state, or does the feeling about the truth of his 
mind-state just hit her, without her choice, from out of the blue - or from her 
instantaneouly-processing intuitive/feeling mind?
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> I'm just wondering where 'beginners mind' fits into this question of 
> assessing the mind states of others - it seems a little (understatement) 
> assumptive. ...
> Rose






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