It's part of the human condition though isn't it Ed, the fact that the mind can 
get roiled. Don't you think? If not, why?


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Rose, as far as I can tell, there is nothing stopping anyone from asking forum 
members that question should she/he so desire.
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> Ed, experiencing another person wasn't actually where I was going. I was 
> asking about each persons experiencing of their own minds, wondering whether 
> anyone on the forum deems their own minds 'easily roiled' or not. 

> Ed wrote:
> One needs to have followed this thread closely in order to apprehend the 
> teachings implicit in the interchanges.
> Rose, the way a person experiences another or all others is the way that that 
> person experiences another or all others. A discussion would only be a 
> fruitless discursive run around. There would be no cheese at the end of the 
> maze.

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> >
> I haven't been following this discussion closely, but this easily roiled mind 
> you speak of, don't we all have one of those?  Would anyone on the forum say 
> that they haven't do you think? That would be interesting.






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