Hi Mayka,

I hear your opinion and respect your right to hold it.

In my observation, considering the ease with which your mind gets
roiled, whatever practice you are engaged in needs retuning. You appear
not to be the optimal poster-child for the tranquility that Zazen
practice usually brings.

Best regards,


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> Chris.
> It´s kind of you to apologise to ED if you believe having done
something incorrect.  The only thing here is that you didn´t.  The
example of the peach has as much value as the example of the rice as
both come from the direct experience of the practise from two different
people.. This is called the fruits of the practice.
> Unless Mr ED and similars get into the real practise of zen, their
opinions are not relevant and not certainly relable at present as far as
zen concerns.  Mr ED opinions in zen only will be reliable the day that
he'll be talking about any subject he has experienced by himself and not
because somebody else has said that.
> Best
> Mayka

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