Mike Gerdts wrote:
>>     The image modifications fall into the following areas:
>>     1) SMF services that are not usable within a zone should be deleted or
>>        disabled as necessary (for S8 and S9 we dealt with rc scripts 
>> instead).
> This implies that the source system can be S8, S9, or S10.  I don't
> see anywhere else in the proposal that explicitly states that S8 and
> S9 can be attached and upgraded, so I suspect I am reading my wishes
> into your words.

That was not my intention.  I'll reword this.  The source system must
be a S10 or above (something that zone "update on attach" will handle).

> Will config files be removed or will services just be disabled (and
> hollow packages removed)?  That is, will "destructive" things be done
> that prevent the implementation of some future v2p (e.g. zone to ldom
> or xen) transition?  Or is it believed that the typical packages that
> are not appropriate for non-global zones lack configuration that would
> be interesting in a p2v -> v2p world?

Where possible, things will be disabled, but for SMF services delivered
in hollow pkgs, those services must be removed due to the way the SMF
dependencies are defined.  Disabling those services doesn't work.  V2P is
something we've talked about but is outside the scope of this specific
proposal.  In general we'll try to leave enough info behind so that a future
v2p could be done, but that automated tool won't be part of this initial
project.  Also, hollow pkgs are not removed.  Those pkgs appear to be
installed within zones.  It is just the SMF services delivered by those
pkgs which will be removed.


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