Jerry Jelinek writes:
> Mike Gerdts wrote:
> > This implies that the source system can be S8, S9, or S10.  I don't
> > see anywhere else in the proposal that explicitly states that S8 and
> > S9 can be attached and upgraded, so I suspect I am reading my wishes
> > into your words.
> That was not my intention.  I'll reword this.  The source system must
> be a S10 or above (something that zone "update on attach" will handle).

"Update on attach" just means "apply saved patches, if any are
needed," right?

> Where possible, things will be disabled, but for SMF services delivered
> in hollow pkgs, those services must be removed due to the way the SMF
> dependencies are defined.  Disabling those services doesn't work.  V2P is

What maps packages to SMF services?  (I'm guessing it's a matter of
seeing the manifests in a hollow package and then reading the
manifests to determine what services they deliver, and disabling
those.  Is that right ... ?)

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