Jerry Jelinek writes:
> > Since we (intentionally?) make branded zones available only for minor
> > releases -- and not for individual KUs -- this means that the user
> > should expect that he's forced into an upgrade of some sort that
> > emulates patching when importing an S10 zone onto an S10 system.  But
> > should he expect this otherwise?  When we differ by a minor release,
> > there are two paths (as-is branded or upgrade to native), and it's not
> > clear which gets used or should be used.
> When attaching a zone to a new system, the zone configuration's brand
> dictates the behavior.  For solaris8 or solaris9 branded zones, nothing
> is done to the zone.  For native-branded zones, either the zone is already
> in sync with the global zone (making it usable) or it is not in sync
> and you must use 'update on attach' to complete the migration.

That's the key part I was missing -- the fact that "native" brand
dictates the behavior.  (Well, that and the word "patch" used in
2007/621.  ;-})

I think we're in sync now.

> > Or does giving the user this sort of control open the possibility for
> > different zones on an S10 system that run different S10 Updates?
> We don't have a solaris10-brand at this time so the issue doesn't
> apply.

Yep; understood.

>  It sounds like you might be thinking of the following RFE:
> 6666646 Solaris 10 zones on OpenSolaris binary (supported) distributions

Presumably, as a non-native zone, if such a thing existed, it would be
expected to result in no upgrade-on-attach behavior.  Right?

> > I think that misses the point.  I wasn't expecting "upgrade on attach"
> > to do anything across a minor release boundary; I was expecting it to
> > do what it does on S10, which (from a user's point of view, not an
> > implementation view) is effectively upgrade the bits as though patches
> > were added due to the differing patch levels of the source archive and
> > the running machine.
> > 
> > I'm surprised that it might do something different.
> Yes, it does that.  I didn't mean to imply it did something different.
> "update on attach" always uses the same mechanism to update pkgs within
> the zone, whether the pkg varies by version number or by the patches
> applied to the pkg.

OK.  The surprise to me is that it doesn't seem to care about minor
release.  I guess that's "obvious" when the mechanism is explained,
but it certainly wasn't obvious to me.

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