James Carlson wrote:
> Jerry Jelinek writes:
>> Mike Gerdts wrote:
>>> This implies that the source system can be S8, S9, or S10.  I don't
>>> see anywhere else in the proposal that explicitly states that S8 and
>>> S9 can be attached and upgraded, so I suspect I am reading my wishes
>>> into your words.
>> That was not my intention.  I'll reword this.  The source system must
>> be a S10 or above (something that zone "update on attach" will handle).
> "Update on attach" just means "apply saved patches, if any are
> needed," right?

Not really.  We see what pkgs are out of sync, either because of the
pkg version of because of patches applied to those pkgs, then we do
something similar to uninstalling and reinstalling those pkgs into the zone,
preserving the editable and volatile files.  This causes those pkgs
to be up-to-date with respect to the global zone, just as is the case
when a zone is newly installed.  Its a bit more complicated than that,
but we never actually apply patches to the zone.  The global zone files
are already patched and that is the source of the files for the non-global

>> Where possible, things will be disabled, but for SMF services delivered
>> in hollow pkgs, those services must be removed due to the way the SMF
>> dependencies are defined.  Disabling those services doesn't work.  V2P is
> What maps packages to SMF services?  (I'm guessing it's a matter of
> seeing the manifests in a hollow package and then reading the
> manifests to determine what services they deliver, and disabling
> those.  Is that right ... ?)

Yes, thats the idea.

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