Tim Peters wrote:
[Tim Peters]

No way to tell without trying.  I don't know whether you're
building Zope2 or Zope3, but since this is the zope-dev list I
assume the former.  Try


and let us know what happens!  As the comment there says, it's just
".pyd files from Zope2 HEAD, compiled with MSVC 6".  This is from
an inplace ("setup.py build_ext -i") build on Windows, from a
current Zope HEAD checkout.

FYI, there's a similar zip file now containing the same kind of thing for a
current Zope3 checkout (s/Zope2/Zope3/ in the URL).

If this is good enough for people trying to work from CVS on Windows, let me
know and I'll update them from time to time, and maybe move them to a saner
location.  If it's not good enough, sorry, but I don't anticipate having
enough time to do more than this (which is just a trivial zip+upload step
beyond the builds I have to do anyway).

Thanks Tim.


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